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After our summer hiatus, H-SHGAPE's Question of the Week has returned! 

Every other Wednesday, the list editors will ask a question about the Gilded Age and Progressive Era that we hope will provoke lively discussion. We encourage you to share your thoughts by typing in the "Post a Reply" box below the original post, or, if you're getting this by email, by clicking on the "Read More or Reply" link.

This week's question:

What are your favorite GAPE digital history resources, both for teaching and for reasearch? You can find a list of resources that we've already compiled on the SHGAPE website. Are there any websites, document collections, interactive maps, or online exhibits you would recommend we add? 

If you'd like to submit a question to be asked in a future week, please contact the H-SHGAPE Editor-In-Chief, Chelsea Gibson, at cgibson2@binghamton.edu. 

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Greetings all. I really like talking about radicalism in the GAPE. There is a good collection of sources on the American Socialist Labor Party at https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/eam/slp/socialistlaborparty.html. I especially like using the party platform from 1877, because by our standards it's a pretty moderate reformist platform yet was so "radical" at the time. If you poke around Marxists.org there are tons of other sources for the period you might find useful.

Hi everyone

I *also* like talking about radicalism in the GAPE. One of my favorite resources in the University of Washington's "Mapping American Social Movements" Project. They have an excellent breakdown of socialist membership between 1904 and 1940, which you can find at http://depts.washington.edu/moves/SP_map-members.shtml. They also have great maps relating to the Knight of Labor, IWW, and National Women's Party.