H-SHGAPE QOTW: Immigration in the GAPE

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This week's question:

Immigration is a political flashpoint in our national discussion right now. What primary and secondary sources do you find most helpful when thinking about, or teaching about, immigration during GAPE? Do you think awareness of immigration issues during GAPE are relevant to our current political debates?


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I find Jacob Riis's photographs in How the Other Half Lives to be very helpful primary sources when I teach about the immigrant experience (and/or social reform movements) during the GAPE. Most students seem to have a thorough understanding of the "push" and "pull" factors of migration as well as what it was like for immigrants who were processed at Ellis and/or Angel Island. That said, many students seem unaware of the extremely impoverished conditions in which many immigrants lived after they relocated to the US, and Riis's photography captures that reality in a way that written primary sources simply do not.