OAH chatrooms & lightening round sessions - call for proposals

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Dear SHGAPE Members,


The OAH, in its efforts to expand conference presentations beyond the traditional paper format, has asked if SHGAPE would like to organize a “chatroom” seminar and/or a “lightening round” session. If you are interested in proposing one of these types of events, please contact SHGAPE’s VP and Programming Chair, Al Broussard, at a-broussard@tamu.edu


A chatroom seminar is a 45-minute lunchtime event held on the Saturday of the meeting, meant to encourage discussion, debate, and conversation about a topic trending in the field of U.S. History. Each chat is led by 1-2 moderators who are not content providers, but who guide the conversation. At the last OAH, Chris Nichols and Nancy Unger led a discussion on defining the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and it was the most well-attended chatroom session there, by my unscientific observation. If you are interested, please send Al Broussard a title and a brief summary and the name and contact info of the moderator(s) by May 25.


A lightening round is a 90 minute session meant to highlight emerging scholarship in a field. Each lightening round should include 1-2 chairs and 10 emerging scholars. Each scholar has 5 minutes to give their “elevator pitch” of their research in quick succession (50 minutes). The chair should keep time and moderate 40 minutes of question and answer. If you are interested in organizing such a session, please send Al Broussard the names and contact information for the chair(s) and 10 scholars, and paper titles and abstracts for each scholar, by August 15th.