Call for new H-SHGAPE Network Editors

Jeremy Young's picture

H-SHGAPE is seeking 1-2 new Network Editors for our platform. Duties are light—mostly you post messages to the discussion site—but we are also interested in people who are media savvy and can post interesting and relevant digital content to the new platform. Ideally, editors work two-week editing shifts approximately every 8 weeks, depending on how many editors are in the rotation. SHGAPE asks for a three-year commitment to the list.

No experience is necessary--H-NET will train you. (Don’t let techno-phobia deter you. H-NET training is fun and easy.) Editing the list is a good way to keep on top of what is happening in your field, and it provides opportunities for national service to the profession for tenure and/or promotion.

The first step in this process is to send me a letter of interest and a copy of your curriculum vitae:   I will then assemble a file of all vitas and forward it to the current SHGAPE Network Editors for review. They will sift through them and pick the nominees.  Review of applications will begin Monday, April 23.  Once we have the nominees, we will begin the formal process of certification, after which you will begin your training.

For more information on editing for H-Net, see  There is an application form at this link, but you won’t need to worry about that until after you are nominated by the SHGAPE board.

Jeremy C. Young, H-SHGAPE Network Editor-In-Chief