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African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Maritime History / Studies, German History / Studies


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            american studies


Table of Contents | JTAS 14.1 (2023)


   1–4            Introduction: Doing Transnational American Studies Abroad | Alfred Hornung, Editor in Chief [pdf]


5–29          Mary Church Terrell, The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and Germany’s
     “schwarze Schmach” Campaign, 1918–1922 [pdf]
     Noaquia Callahan Banks (Long Beach City College)

31–52         Losing LeninInst Internationalism in Claude McKay’s Lost Novel [pdf]
      Nahum Welang (University of Stavanger)

Shelley fisher fishkin prize
FOR international scholarship IN transnational american studies

53–74        Huck in the Balloon, Huck in the Divan—The American Child and the Cartographic Scripts of Empire [pdf]
      Mahshid Mayar (University of Cologne)

Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez, Steffen Wöll, Alexandra Ganser, and Barbara Gfoellner, editors

75–92      Introduction: Conceptualizing Archipelagic Mobilities [pdf]
   Steffen Wöll, Barbara Gföllner, Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez, Alexandra Ganser

93–110       Archipelagic Thinking: The Insular, the Archipelago, and the Borderwaters – A Conversation [pdf]
    Brian Russell Roberts and Michelle Ann Stephens (Brigham Young University, Rutgers University)

   111–135      Archipelagic Translation: Mobility amid Every Language in the World [pdf]
     Brian Russell Roberts (Brigham Young University)

   137–167     Unmasking Maps, Unmaking Empire: Towards an Archipelagic Cartography [pdf]
       Steffen Wöll (Leipzig University)

   169–192      Layered Maps: Carceral and Fugitive Archipelagos in Walter Mosley’s Down the River Unto the Sea [pdf]
        Nicole Waller (University of Potsdam)

    193–221     Narrating the Isthmus: Mobilities and Archipelagic Memory in Texts about the Panama Canal [pdf]
                         Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez (Leipzig University)

   223–447      AlterNative Archipelagos and the 1952 Caribbean Festival: Musical Mobilities Escaping ALCOA’s Extractive Tourism [pdf]
        Mimi Sheller and Andrew R. Martin (The Global School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Inver Hills College)

   249–271      “Near enough to smell and far enough to desire”: Archipelagos of Desire in Canisia Lubrin’s Voodoo Hypothesis and
         Dionne Brand’s In Another Place, Not Here [pdf]
         Barbara Gfoellner and Sigrid Thomsen (University of Vienna)

  273–301      A Sea of Stars? Towards an Astropelagic Reading of Outer Space with Jacques Lacan and Hannah Arendt [pdf]
       Alexandra Ganser and Jens Temmen, with Clemens Rettenbacher (University of Vienna, University of Düsseldorf)

 303–329      The Americas: A Relational or Abyssal Geography? Barbara Gfoellner and Jonathan Pugh, an Interview [pdf]
      Jonathan Pugh and Barbara Gfoellner (Newcastle University, University of Vienna)

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