Call for Book Chapters: Carnival, Culture, and Tourism

Alison Mc Letchie Discussion
Call for Publications
August 31, 2023
South Carolina, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Social Sciences, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

This call was first issued by the late Dr. Violet V. Cuffy, Queen Margaret University in 2015. Unfortunately, Dr. Cuffy passed away in 2021 before she was able to conclude the project.

Working with the publisher, CABI, we are attempting to complete Dr. Cuffy’s book.

Authors who previously submitted abstracts as well as authors new to the project are encouraged to send abstracts.

Guest editors, Dr. Alison Mc Letchie, South Carolina State University and Dr. Daina Nathaniel, Wingate University, NC.


Carnival arts have become a key tourist attraction in many destinations offering wide ranging activities and expressions of the art form as is the spectrum of countries where they are hosted. To date much of the research and literature has focused on carnival arts, governance, heritage, politics and economics. In addition, there has been much debate in the area of contested space and identities in destinations of transplanted carnivals.

Nevertheless, a gap exists in the area of carnival tourism, an increasingly significant niche and area of special interest tourism for many destinations. The book seeks to address this void by bringing to the fore both contemporary and critical issues of relevance to academics, researchers, policymakers and practitioners.


The objective of the book is to explore the under researched relationship between carnival, culture and tourism; its impact, power & politics dimensions, impact on destination management and development among other relevant concepts. It will be significant at the policy, planning, and practitioner levels; with equal importance to researchers, academics and all relevant stakeholders.

Submissions are invited in the following areas but are not limited to:

Carnival as a tourism development strategy

Understanding the culture of carnival

Marketing carnival destinations

History, heritage, and carnival tourism

The impact of carnival tourism on destinations

Carnival cultural spaces, place identities, and tourism development

Commercialisation versus tradition: the influence of carnival tourism

The role of the artist in carnival tourism development

Carnival arts and destination positioning

Carnival, power and politics, and tourism development

Cultural authenticity or tourist attraction

Carnival genres (calypso, pageants etc.) as niche tourist attractions

Carnival tourism and urban regeneration

Case studies of destinations that utilise Carnival as a strategy for tourism development:

Europe, America, Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America

Cases are particularly sort from: Nice, Rio, New Orleans, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Venice

Particularly, cases depicting unique carnival modalities

And 'new Carnival' destinations

Contributions in other related themes of interest and aligned with the overall objective of the book as indicated above are welcomed.

Please contact Dr Alison Mc Letchie for further enquiries at:


Abstract submissions are invited by no later than August 31, 2023. Contributions should be in the format provided below and provide detailed description of the chapter 350-500 words.

Abstract Formation

Chapter Title

Core Concepts

Context and Setting


Major Contributions and Limitations


List of Anticipated Key References


Please submit your abstract by the August 31, 2023:

Along with a brief statement on the theme and proposed contribution to the book

Brief comment on which of the recommended topics the proposed contribution is addressing (200 words) including purpose, content, & key features

A brief author bio (250-300 words) which includes: Author(s) name, title, full contact information, and institutional affiliation (if any)


The intention is to publish the book with CABI, International publisher.

The publication is targeted for release in 2025.


We seek contributions that will be useful references for the research community, policy makers, professionals from the heritage sector, cultural ministries and agencies, and widely communities and citizens interested on the selected topics.


Abstract submission deadline                                                                 August 31, 2023

Proposal acceptance notification                                                           September 30, 2023

First draft Contribution submission deadline                                          January 15, 2024

Contributions reviewed returned to authors                                           March 30, 2024

Revised contributions submission                                                          August 15, 2024

Second draft feedback to authors                                                          October 31, 2024

Final draft                                                                                               December 15, 2024

Please include contact information (Last name, first name, role, institution, email, and mailing address)

The proposals must be in English and submitted in MS Word (only one file) to:

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Dr Alison Mc Letchie, South Carolina State University



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