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Dear H-SHGAPE Subscribers, 


SHGAPE is sponsoring or endorsing the following events at the Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, next week in Los Angeles at the Westin Bonaventure hotel. If you attending the conference, please join us! We are also sponsoring several events for the OAH Virtual Meeting, listed at the end. For more details, please consult the OAH Program:


Thursday March 30 

For the Record: Contesting and Recuperating Historical Narratives of Identity and Place 
Crises as Moments of Opportunity: Race, Power and Two Centuries of Bad Development

Transpacific Crossroads: Identity, Geopolitics, and the Mobility Turn 
Reframing the Panama Canal

2:45pm – 4:15pm 
Film screening: Far East Deep South and Reframing American Identity 


Friday March 31

Terrorism and Heritage from the First Klan to the Second 
Panel Discussion: Before Attica: Long Histories of Carceral State Critique 
Life Histories, the Archives of Reconstruction, and the Historical Imagination 
Sex Outside of the Household: State Power and Sexuality from Reconstruction to the Great Depression

Lighting Round: Indigenous and Immigration Histories in Conversation  
Panel Discussion: The Past, Present, and Future of the American University: Putting the Perpetual and Worsening Crisis in Perspective   
Risky Business: Women, Credit, and Fraud in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Saturday April 1

Borders and Belonging:  The Precarity of Citizenship from Slavery to Freedom  
Lightning Round: Against the Odds: Labor Repression and Worker Demands for Autonomy in the Long “Progressive Era”
Panel Discussion: Justice Deferred: Race and the Supreme Court 
Panel Discussion: Currencies and Finance in Black Communities from Early America to the Progressive Era 
Roundtable:  Rewriting U.S. History from Prison 

Gendering the Borderlands: Women, Vice, and Feminists Movements in the U.S-Mexico Borderlands 
Panel Discussion: Walter Nugent and the Broadening of US History  
Memory, Media, and Representation in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Chat Room: Before Roe, After Dobbs: What the Last Two Centuries Can Tell Us About Abortion Politics Today

Botany and Butterflies, Seaweed and Science: New Perspectives on Natural History Collections  
The Anti-Asian State: 20th C. Policing in the U.S. and its Empire 

Virtual OAH 
New Perspectives on the Archival Recovery of Black Women’s History  
The Homestead Act in Indian Country: Reconciling Land Loss and Tribal Sovereignty 
Transpacific Migration and Intermediary Brokers: The Case of Chinese Migration, 1882-1971 
Roundtable: Teaching Reconstruction in a New Age of Democratic Crisis 


SHGAPE Reception Friday, March 31, 6-7:30pm
Location: Emerald Bay room of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel


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