Using H-World in Graduate Courses

This page (like much of the site) is currently under construction. However, we have made it visible to give subscribers an idea as to where we are taking the new H-World.

H-World's discussion platform has been utilized in World History graduate programs almost since its inception in 1994 and has played a vital role in the education of World History graduate students for twenty years (including the current editorial team). H-World has provided a space for graduate students, junior and senior scholars to come together on a daily basis to discuss the field and develop ideas as a scholarly community. 

Below we offer a few guidelines to both students and instructors for utilizing H-World in graduate courses.  H-World has always been, and will always be, what the subscribers make of it. What follows are simply suggestions. 

For Graduate Students:

The typical use of H-World in a graduate level World History course has usually been something along the lines of "subscribe to the list and make at least one posting."

A few suggestions for this type of assignment:

  • Search the H-World discussion logs (1994-2014) and the H-World Commons site (2014-present) for relevant material before making a posting. Many topics come up on a cyclical basis and if your query has been discussed previously it might get more responses framed as an update on a previous set of discussions.
  • Do not wait until the end of the term to submit your posting. Queries are less likely to get a response during times that H-World subscribers are busy dealing with finals etc...  

    Additionally, the H-World editors are unlikely to post three "I need to get this post up before the end of the term" queries on the same day. We like to give postings time to develop a discussion and we send them out when we think H-World is ready to move on to a new topic. 
  • Consider working in a team to develop some discussion on the list. 
  • Keep in mind that this is a moderated list. Your submission may be sent back for revision or may simply not be posted if the editors do see the value in sending it out to the rest of our subscribers. Construct your postings thoughtfully. 


Additionally, the editors would love to hear from graduate students in the field concerning what kinds of resources they would like to see H-World provide. 

For Faculty:

The editorial team is interested in developing H-World into a more dynamic platform for graduate training in world history. We have some ideas, but no graduate students. We would also like to hear ideas from faculty concerning how H-World might better serve the field as a training ground for graduate students. 

  • H-World would like to create a list of faculty currently using H-World in their graduate courses in order to 1.) know who we should propose some of our ideas to 2.) put faculty using H-World in graduate courses in contact with one another. 

    If you currently use H-World in a graduate course and would like to be included on such a list (on this page), please "write to the editors" via the link on the right and include your name, institution, and course.  If you have a formal assignment in your syllabus we would love to post that as well.  Additionally, feel free to spring your ideas concerning how to use H-World for graduate student training in the email if you wish. 

Some ideas we have tossed around:

  • Coordinating discussion postings between two (or more) graduate courses through a common reading.
  • Coordinating discussion postings between two (or more) graduate courses through a common discussion theme of some type that bleeds over from individual courses and onto H-World. 
  • Members of the editorial team visiting, perhaps via skype/facetime, a world history graduate course to discuss H-World if faculty thought that would be useful. 
  • Assignments that require graduate students to engage in projects that would be published on H-World: world history bibliography, links to various world history sites, an entire array of digital world history projects that we are only now able to do with our upgrade in terms of multi-media usage. 
  • A blog of some type (perhaps a group blog) focusing on the experience of World History graduate training.