Dissertation Review with Journal of Cold War History

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The Journal of Cold War History aims to publish reviews of unpublished PhD theses/dissertations in a new section of the journal dedicated to pathbreaking research by young scholars in the field of Cold War Studies. We are inviting expressions of interest from potential reviewers, as well as submissions from those interested in having their PhD theses/dissertations reviewed (please note that the theses/dissertations should not be published nor under contract to be imminently published). Please only submit an abstract to us if your thesis/dissertation is complete and you have finished your PhD.

Reviews should be around 1,000 words.

Submissions from all fields and specialties are welcome, in particular PhD theses/dissertations that are not being turned into monographs. Those interested in having their thesis/dissertation reviewed should submit a 400-word abstract, emphasizing original contribution to the field, to the book review team, Margot Tudor and Molly Pucci at: m.tudor@exeter.ac.uk and puccim@tcd.ie