CFP: World History Connected Forum: “Standards and World History”

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Type: Call for Papers

Submission Date: July 1, 2022

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World History Connected, a 15-year old affiliate of the World History Association published by the University of Illinois Press, invites submission proposals for an upcoming Forum entitled “Standards and World History,” which will be guest edited by Stephen Jackson (University of Sioux Falls). Forums are topically-related articles showcasing innovative research in and the scholarship of teaching in the interdisciplinary field of world history.


Submissions for this Forum should be received by July 1, 2022, for possible publication in 2023.


World History Connected dedicates a significant amount of attention to best practices in teaching the growing subject of World History. For many educators, particularly though not exclusively at the primary and secondary levels, state or nationally mandated standards fundamentally shape teaching decisions. Professional historians and recognized experts in the field often have a voice in creating standards, but ultimately they are political documents designed to ensure the production of citizens who share a common sense of national identity. The result, all too often, are significant disparities between mandated standards and accepted scholarship in the field.


Articles in “Standards and World History” will broadly investigate the politics, production, or implementation of world history standards. Potential topics could explore some or all of the following questions: How are world history standards decisions made across state, regional, and national lines? Where, how, and why do world history standards deviate from accepted scholarship? What role do experts in the field play in the production of standards documents? How do debates over world history standards value or devalue expert opinion? In what ways have ‘culture wars’ shaped world history curricula? How do issues of citizenship and national identity play a role in the creation of standards documents? How can professional teachers and scholars manage teaching mandated world history standards that deviate significantly from accepted scholarship in the field? Articles could also include case studies of the creation or revision of world history standards, or reflections on effective techniques for teachers and historians to engage in public discourse regarding world history standards.  


Submissions are due July 1, 2022, and should be sent to the Forum’s Guest Editor at Given the continued publication disruptions as a result of Covid-19, initial inquiries and early submissions are encouraged.


For those not familiar with World History Connected (ISSN 1931-8642), it is an e-journal publication of the University of Illinois Press that annually reaches 1.85 million “readers” (scholars who read more than two articles) and attracts 6 million visits to its website. It publishes Forums, individual articles, book reviews and lists of books available for review  3 times a year (in February, June, and October).


All submissions (for this Forum or any article) must follow the submissions guide at, and conveyed with the subject line WHC. Submissions should be prepared double-spaced, with one-inch margins and subheads at the left-hand margins, with endnotes, a short biography (250 words) similar to that found at the end of published WHC articles, as well as a mailing address and phone number. Submitted articles should be more than 3,000 words, with the upper limit as appropriate (usually not more than 10,000 words). All submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission.


The editor of World History Connected, Marc Jason Gilbert (, welcomes papers on any topic of interest to researchers and practitioners of world history for publication in the Individual Articles section of the journal. WHC is also open to those wishing to suggest a Guest-edited Forum of their own design. Book reviews are welcome via preliminary contact with WHC’s Book Review Editor, Cynthia Ross at