Call for Contributors: South American History from European Contact Through Independence

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Now seeking contributors to a forthcoming two-volume encyclopedia on South American history from European contact through independence, to be published by ABC-CLIO under the editorship of Micheal Tarver and Carlos Márquez. Expressions of interest are welcome from graduate students, postdocs, professors, and public history professionals. 

A headword list has been determined by the editors and publisher, with entries ranging from regional Amerindian groups at European arrival to heroes and heroines of the independence movements. Although the work will be formatted in the traditional A-Z style, the entries will represent various themes found within South American history. Interested contributors can request the headword list at 

Most individual entries will be 1000 words. All Contributors will receive free access to the e-book version of the Work. Contributors who write five 1000-word entries will also receive one (1) complimentary set of the printed edition of the Work (estimated retail cost $225) in lieu of a monetary payment.

Deadline for the initial round of contributions is December 15, 2021. Contributors who author multiple entries will be assigned varying deadlines to foster the submission process. Additional calls for contributors will appear thereafter.

Questions concerning the project should be sent to Micheal Tarver at