Zoom and the (World) History Classroom

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After teaching both ends of the world history survey 100% via Zoom for the last academic year, I have decided that I actually like the delivery format and have signed up for another year’s worth of courses in format, enrollments depending.  Informal surveys of my students have indicated that even the traditional, on-campus students would consider taking one class via Zoom per term as part of their overall course load, if it was interactive, well-taught, and made good use of the delivery format. 

I have very good “camera stays on” compliance, partially because I also teach 100% asynchronous online sections of the same course and offer to switch any student into one of those if they do not wish to engage in an interactive format. So, that is not a particular issue I find myself needing to address. 


I am curious about the ways H-World members have effectively used Zoom to teach history over the last year, or ideas you may have on the matter now that we have some experience with the delivery format. I am interested in general “how I used zoom as a classroom” ideas, as well as how you may have used Zoom to address specific types of content. Mostly, I am interested in generating a conversation -- of those interested -- revolving around the Zoom classroom in general for teaching/learning history to Generation Z. 

I do not have to tell you that the last academic year was off the charts. It seems like some reflection might be in order, esepcially if you think that Zoom/Video Confrencing is here to stay in some way/shape/form. 

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