Reformulations No. 2

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Reformulations No. 2

April 27, 2021


To friends and colleagues:

This monthly newsletter provides links to my recent thoughts on community dynamics that govern human success and failure, past and present, at local and global levels.


Blog. Contending Voices: Debating today’s social priorities

A blog devoted to clarifying the logic of ideologies, tracing their role in regulating social institutions.

            “In Pursuit of Freedom” - May 23, 2021

Social groups and society’s many institutions complicate the concept of freedom. Learning and compromises are needed before we can agree on what it means to be free.

            “Should the U.S. Rejoin UNESCO?”, April 23, 2021 


Website. Patrick Manning – World HistorianPresenting current research on social institutions, methods, and systems.

This month’s highlight:

            “Priorities in Today’s Institutions


Podcast. Interview on “History Against the Grain – A History without Borders

            See Episode 42, The History of Humanity


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