Histories of Historiographical Debates over National Histories

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Hi, hope everyone is as well as possible amid our many ongoing local and global challenges. Can anyone recommend journal articles or chapters (whether in monographs or edited volumes) which cover the 'histories of historiographical debates over national histories'? I am more interested in sources treating nations other than the U.S., but certainly still welcome the latter as well. As an example: Andrew Hartman (2015), "The Contested American Past," in A War for the Soul of America: A History of the Culture Wars, 253-284 (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press).

I would prefer suggestions be sent to me directly via my email (see below) and I will then post whatever list I compile to H-World in order to share with those interested, though of course posting them here directly is fine. Many thanks in advance. - Stay well, Charles (Weller), Washington State University and Kazakh National University (rc.weller@wsu.edu)

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