Benchmarking professional development funding--how much does your institution provide?

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Dear Colleagues,

I work at a small Cathlic college in the United States. This year I am serving on our professional development committee. Our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commissions, has suggested faculty need more support for professional development. Benchmarking against similar institutions is part of our response to that suggestion.

At Ursuline College, where I work, the administration allots roughly $765 per faculty for professional development. Each of us gets $600 annual on receipt of expenses, and we can make a special application for more funds.

We have heard that some other similar institutions grant much more, and some grant nothing. If you are at a small (under 5000 students) religiously-affiliated college, we would like to know what your institution provides for professional development. 

If you are willing to share that information with us, please contact me either through H-World or at my e-mail.

Pamela McVay, Chair

Department of History and Civic Engagement

Ursuline College

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