New: free online world history textbook (three volumes, twelve languages), by Claudia Bernardi and Eric Vanhaute

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The first world history textbook for students across Europe: one text in 12 languages

Written by Claudia Bernardi (Rome) and Eric Vanhaute (Ghent)

The Get up and goals! project provides history teachers of secondary school students with an innovative school textbook on world history. The textbook is made available for school classes in 12 languages: Austrian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and will have in each language the same content in terms of text and maps and layout.

The textbook is available for free download: 

Interview with Eric Vanhaute on the textbook:

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I enjoyed watching that video! I understand that the audience for the textbook is students in these European countries. Were you writing with this audience in mind, or more of a global audience? Similarly, would the textbook need changes before being published outside of a European context?

Dear Talia, Thanks for your question. The textbook is written with students of 15 to 18/20 years old in mind, and so is the educational apparatus.The handbook is now tested in high schools 12 European countries, and in different languages. But for sure, it has a genuine global focus, and can be published and used outside Europe without changes.
Eric Vanhaute