Global Counters-insurgency Beyond US Foreign Policy

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Much of the literature that I've encountered global counter-insurgency during the 20th century tends to read primarily as US foreign policy, rather than world history. A recent example is Stuart Schrader's Badges Without Borders (2019), which explores the US Office of Public Safety and the efforts aimed at develpoing US-aligned police forces around the world. While the line between US foreign policy and world history in this context can certainly be blurry, I'm particuarly interested in any work that seeks to explore counter-insurgency and policing while emphasizing local politics and/or international trends driven by more than US (or Soviet) objectives. 



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Ariel armony book on Central Am, Argentina, and US...
Gabriela Aguila, Santiago Garano, etc...Represion Estatal y violencia paraestatal en la historia receinte argentina (Univ Nac de la Plata)...and there are other books on the 2nd division of Arg army in Rosario

Aaron Coy Moulton Counterrevolutionary Friends: Caribbean Basin Dictators and Guatemalan Exiles against the Guatemalan Revolution, 1945-50,” The Americas 76.1 (2019): 107-35.

Also in The Americas, Gladys McCormick's incredible article on Torture in Mexico...a prelude of her book

It has been a a while, but you should look at Alexander Avina's book on Guerrerro and counter insurgency...

If you haven't seen or read Monique Robin's The French School about French counterinsurgency doctrine (film and book) that is critical source.