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World History Connected, a 14-year-old affiliate of the World History Association published by the University of Illinois Press, is seeking papers for a special issue on environmental/ecological lenses to approaching World History.  Potential topics could include research in the role of the environment and environmental changes in World History; sustainability and the preservation of nature in World History; or the "Anthropocene" and World History.  Also welcome: innovative pedagogical approaches to incorporating these topics into World History courses at all levels of instruction.

Submissions should be received by March 1st, 2021 for possible publication in the June issue of 2021. Submissions on other topics germane to World History are also welcome at any time.  Abstracts, drafts, and manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the Guest Editor for this issue, Brian Holstrom at  All Book Review correspondence should be directed to the journal’s Book Review Editor, Christine Skwiot, at All submissions are subject to a double-blind peer-review process. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission. For more specific information on requirements, as well as information on the journal’s editorial policies, view the “Submission and Style Guidelines” at

The journal is published three times a year: February June, and October. The deadlines for submissions are as follows: for the February issue, November 1; for the June issue, March 1; and for the October issue, normally August 1. Individual submissions may appear in the Articles section of the journal or, with the author’s permission, may be integrated into Forums, a regular feature in which related studies on a common world history process or theme are organized and introduced by the editor. Forums are usually preceded by Calls for Papers on the subject. Alternatively, Forums are curated by a Guest editor, who may select edit, and arrange for the peer review of Forum articles she or he has chosen or obtained through a Call for Papers. Past Guest editors have included former Presidents of the World History Association, the current WHA President, Laura J. Mitchell, and a past President of the American Historical Association, Patrick Manning. Those interested in serving as Guest editor should write to

For those not familiar with World History Connected, its title reflects the journal’s commitment to assisting both scholars and practitioners to invigorate and expand the reach of research and teaching of world history through encouraging innovative research and engaging writing. Its editors include past presidents of the World History Association and award-winning history educators at all levels of instruction. It currently serves 1.85 million discreet readers of at least two articles annually and receives 6 million visitors to its website. It welcomes submissions of articles and book reviews on any subject germane to world history including (a) essays on the state of the field; (b) case studies, or topical overviews which cross regional boundaries to examine such issues as gender, technology, demography, social structure, or political legitimacy; and (c) the evaluation of curriculum and innovative instructional methodology. The journal also seeks peer reviewers and scholars to review recently published titles in the field of world history. The journal is open-sourced (free), staff and contributors are not compensated for their work, and it is funded by individual contributions and organizations committed to advancing its goals. It accepts no paid advertising. If you have any questions after reading this file, please direct them to the Editor, Marc Jason Gilbert at


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