Webinar: The Mother of All Pandemics: The State of Black Death Research in the Era of COVID-19 - video, map, and bibliography

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Dear H-World Colleagues,

On 15 May, the Medieval Academy of America sponsored a Webinar on the Black Death:

The Mother of All Pandemics: The State of Black Death Research in the Era of Covid-19

In the event that you are interested, the videotape of the Webinar, a draft GIF map of plague dissemination in the 13th-15th centuries, and the comprehensive bibliography on the Black Death can now be accessed from links on the MAA's webpage: https://www.medievalacademy.org/page/webinars. And here, if you want to list it separately, is the direct link to the Google Doc bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w80dd0iZJs5qQRwyXyfzq41BiZBWFrGRQURz9rTyDXM/edit.
The bibliography is focused on new research (past 10 years) plus the most important "classics" in the field. It includes, as an appendix, a separate bibliography on the First Plague Pandemic, the Justinianic Plague. The bibliography is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to aid teachers--who have been suddenly thrust into roles of explaining the history of pandemics to their students--in finding work that is authoritative and clear.
Open-access work has been highlighted, where available.
The Bibliography will be continually updated, so check back periodically for new work on any particular topics of interest.
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