World History Podcasts?

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Dear colleagues,

As I work on moving my World History survey online, I was wondering if anyone had any podcasts they would recommend for students (ideally these would be shorter, around 30 minutes, but I'm willing to consider longer ones as well). My course this term is 1750 - present.



While not specific to world history, there are episodes from the Historias podcast that may be of interest to you and your students

Historias website -

Via its institutional sponsor -

Episodes of possible interest:

Slavery in Latin America -

Cuban Revolution (state of the field episode) -

Latin America's Cold War (state of the field episode) -

My favorite podcast is the BBC's In Our Time (, though its episodes usually go 50 minutes.


Footnoting History has 30 min episodes. My podcast,, is longer (45min-1 hr) but we have transcripts for every episode.