Socio-Environmental History of African Colonialism and Decolonization

Eric Martin Discussion


FROM THE EDITOR: The following the first of four requests for bibliographic feedback from graduate students in Northeastern University’s World History program focused on various aspects of imperial/colonial histories. The original posting came with all four bibliographies together, with an additional request for sources that might connect all four lists together. I have separated them out into four distinct postings with the hopes that this will increase both focus and discussion. 


Socio-Environmental History of African Colonialism and Decolonization, Amy Cooper

My focus is on African colonial experience and environmental history. The location that I am most interested in is central Africa, specifically the Congo, although I am broadly interested in African responses and experiences during colonialism regardless of location. I am specifically interested in the ways in which identity is entangled with the understanding of and relationship to the environment. I want to look at how transformations in the environment and forced alteration in African peoples’ interactions with their environment shaped a colonial and anti-colonial identity. I would like to get at this by looking at issues of gender, labor, class, ethnicity, ecology, religion, nutrition and education.

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