Breaking History podcast- Episode 22: Women, War Trauma, and the First World War with Bridget Keown

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Breaking History: A World History Podcast
Episode 22: Women, War Trauma, and the First World War
with Bridget Keown

Join us as we talk with 5th Year PhD Candidate Bridget Keown about her dissertation, "‘She is lost to time and place’: Women, War Trauma, and the First World War". Bridget gives a feminist critique of psychology, which argues that the field of psychology has always been influenced by social ideas about gender. She then talks about her chapters on trauma on the home front, including grief, air raids, and refugees. She then moves to the experience of Irish women during the 1916 Easter Rising. Finally, she wraps the dissertation by looking at the women dealing with trauma on the battlefield, from describing as professional and volunteer nurses, ambulance drivers, etc., described their emotional experiences of war. Bridget takes apart "shell shock" as a purely masculine phenomenon by looking at first hand accounts of women's voices, as well as some of the ethical problems of researching asylums.

Bridget then reflects on her experiences as graduate student and as a teaching professional, and how enriching teaching has been for her.

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