Book Suggestions for Course Dev: Food in World History

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Cynthia Ross

Texas A&M University - Commerce

Greetings! I am a world historian engaged in environmental history and, in a relatively recent turn, food history. I have the opportunity to develop two different courses for the Fall semester. Both courses will be about food in world history but structured differently at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The undergraduate course is part of an interdisciplinary minor in Food Studies we have at the university with course contributions to the minor from the history, sociology, anthropology, and agriculture departments. I conceived of it as a broad, content based world history course with plenty of readings and a research component. The time period includes ancient through modern eras.

The graduate course is flexible in terms of time period but I am leaning toward a more early modern and modern structure. Though, at this point, I am not committed to that. I am planning on a research seminar with a set of foundational readings assigned for the first part of the semester to provide an introduction to the field. 

The book and article selections I could choose for either course are endless. I have giant lists of possible readings gathered from my own shelves, World History Connected, JWH, and the H-Net Food Studies list that my students will never appreciate if I actually assigned all of them.

I wonder, do you all have any favorites that have worked well in a course? I am happy to receive any suggestions for either class.