Religion in WH Panel for WHA 2023 Annual Conference

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Dear Colleagues,

I hope the Gregorian New Year is commencing well for you & yours. If anyone is interested in forming a panel on 'Religion in World History' for the WHA 2023 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh this year (June 22-24, 2023), send along a brief proposed title and abstract (c. 50-100 words) and we'll see what what we can pull together. Please send the proposals to me directly at my email ( by Sun, Jan 15. Two points to bear in mind:

1- The theme of the conference is 'Energies,' so connections of whatever kind between religion and energy would be ideal. The WHA is interpreting the theme primarily in terms of various natural, industrial and other power sources (such as oil, gas, etc.). Do feel free, however, to think creatively about how we might define (or perhaps redefine) 'energies' in relation to religion.

2- Papers are not required to be on the theme, so any topic concerning 'religion and world history' is welcome.

We will again consider how best to move ahead once initial draft proposals are sent along (by Sun, Jan 15). Panel porposals must be submitted to the WHA by Fri, Jan 20.

Best wishes,

Charles (Weller)


R. Charles Weller, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Religion & Culture, Kazakh National University
Associate Professor of History (Career), Washington State University