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Third International Congress on “Women in a Global World” will be organized in Istanbul and online on December 01-02-03, 2022 by Istanbul Topkapı University Research Center on Women Studies (TOPKAPI WOMEN). This hybrid congress is supported by International Business School (IBS), Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS), Escuela Interdisciplinar de Derechos Fundamentales (EUDF ), Transnational Press London (TPLondon) and Gender and Women's Studies Association (TOCIKAD).The papers will be presented either in Turkish or English. There will be online sessions also.

On 02 December 2022, in the 10th anniversary of its establishment, the 21st Meeting of the Inter-University Communication Network Against Sexual Harassment and Attacks will take place.

We cannot solve global challenges unless women participate fully in efforts to find solutions. The aim of the Congress is to undertake interdisciplinary and international comparisons of studies, viewpoints and discussions of the subject matters “Woman” and “global challenges” by scientists and researchers who will participate from various different locations of Turkey and the world.  During this International Congress the place and significance of women within the spheres of family, law, science, art, politics, culture and socio-economy throughout the ages will be assessed in context of interdisciplinary studies involving women in throughout Turkey and the world. This conference concentrate on the twelve critical areas of concern identified in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995: The burden of poverty on women, unequal access to education and training, inequalities and inadequacies in and unequal access to health care and related services, violence against women, the effects of armed or other kinds of conflict on women, including those living under foreign occupation, inequality in economic structures and policies, inequality between men and women in the sharing of power and decision-making at all levels, insufficient mechanisms at all levels to promote the advancement of women, lack of respect for and inadequate promotion and protection of the human rights of women, stereotyping of women and inequality in women's access to and participation in all communication systems, especially in the media, gender inequalities in the management of natural resources and in the safeguarding of the environment, and persistent discrimination against and violation of the rights of the girl child. Female participation in the private sector is a crucial economic driver for societies worldwide. Economic security benefits every facet of a woman's life, with positive effects on the health, education and vitality of families.

The International Congress which will bring together academicians, researchers and NGO volunteers partaking in the organization is expected to contribute to the production of scientific information as well as to make way for new viewpoints. Abstracts should be composed to reveal the topic of the research, its scope, the references used and its contribution to science. The first congress was held in 2015 in Istanbul and was very successful with the presentation of over 130 papers. The proceedings’ book of the first congress can be downloaded and examined from google scholar (DALAMAN, ZB (ed). "Women and Politics in a Global World / Küreselleşen Dünyada Kadin ve Siyaset, 2015). The second congress took place online in December 2020 under pandemic conditions. The book of the congress, which was attended by about 100 people online, was published by Transpress London:

Subjects headings planned to be presented in the Congress have been given below. Different topics can also be offered in the condition it is compatible with the general framework of the Congress.

Subject Headings:

• Women's Political Participation and Leadership

• Women and Civil Society Policies (Feminist movements, NGOs)

• Women and Employment (Equal pay, rights)

• Women's Human Rights and Global Conventions (CEDAW, Beijing Declaration, Istanbul Convention)

• Education of Girls and Vocational Education of Women

• Safe Cities for Women and Girls

• Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

• Women in Business

• Empowering Refugee Women

• Women and Poverty

• Feminist Approaches to Global Warming and Climate Change

• Women's and Girls' Health

• Women, Media and Feminist Alternative Media

• Safer Cyberspaces for Women and Girls

• Women and Art

• Women and Literature

• Gender and Justice

• Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

• Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriages

• Prevention of Sexual Assault and Harassment

• The Anti-Gender Movement

• Generation Equality Campaigns


Both research papers of empirical, theoretical or conceptual nature and policy papers are welcomed. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact us. All proposals will be reviewed.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is November 1st, 2022.

Please use the registration and submission form:

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