Education About Asia Call for Manuscripts: “Winter 2022 Non-thematic Issue”

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Education About Asia (EAA) is the peer-reviewed teaching journal of the Association for Asian Studies. Our print and online readers include middle school teachers as well as high school teachers, and instructors of undergraduate survey courses. In the last two years, approximately 430,000 teachers and students have visited our online digital archives that are available for no cost. Our articles are intended to provide teachers and students in the humanities and social sciences who are often not specialists with basic understanding of Asia-related content.

In 2004, primarily to create systematic educational resources for a variety of academic disciplines the AAS Board enacted a policy whereby every issue of EAA would be thematic. A rich body of content appropriate for those academic disciplines that are commonly taught in secondary schools and introductory college and university courses now exists in our archives. The upcoming winter 2022 non-thematic issue allows potential contributors from multiple academic disciplines to be published in a journal whose strength will in part be its breadth.

Potential contributors should craft manuscripts for EAA’s target audiences: instructors and students in middle school, high school, and undergraduate introductory-level college and university survey courses. Contributors should also be aware that in considering possible contributions, they select topics that are not too “academic” or political, but are intended to enrich instructor and student understanding of facts, concepts, generalizations congruent with state standards, and teaching and learning appropriate for EAA's target audiences in areas such as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professional fields e.g., education, business, and journalism. It is particularly important that contributors visit the EAA archives (, become familiar with the publication, and then send a short prospectus to the editorial office before preparing a submission.

Prospective authors should also consult the submissions guidelines page for Education About Asia ( before submitting a manuscript for this issue. Please note our relatively modest feature article and teaching resources manuscript word count ranges.

Manuscripts for the winter 2022 non-thematic issue should be submitted by on or before August 31st, 2022. Prospective authors are encouraged to email me 1-2 paragraph descriptions of possible manuscript ideas at and will receive prompt replies to queries. Please also copy Managing Editor Jeffrey Melnik at

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