CFP: Spring 2023 issue of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies on the Next Generation of Warfare

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The Spring 2023 issue of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies will have a broadly construed theme:

The Next Generation of Warfare  

This issue will address elements discussed in Force Design 2030, such as how the United States, in conjunction with its partners and allies, can remain competitive in gray zone conflicts while still maintaining capabilities to counter state and nonstate actors that use hybrid and irregular warfare approaches around the world. We encourage discussion of contemporary issues, such as conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, South and Central Asia, and across the African continent and how they impact the military Services, the Department of Defense, and U.S. partners and allies.  

What can the United States and its Services in conjunction with partners and allies do to remain competitive against challengers and adversaries in gray zone conflicts around the world? How should the United States and its Services remain competent in countering irregular warfare and hybrid warfare threats? What role does new or disruptive military technologies or climate change play in the conduct of the next generation of warfare?

Authors are encouraged to explore this issue from a variety of perspectives—historical, contemporary, or forward thinking—including a partner or ally’s perspective of the issues they face, the U.S. perspective, or even a discussion of adversary strategies in current gray zone, irregular warfare, and hybrid warfare conflicts and what can be done to compete against or counter them. JAMS is a peer-reviewed journal, and submissions should be 4,000–10,000 words, footnoted, and formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Junior faculty and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit. MCUP is also looking for book reviewers from international studies, political science, and contemporary history fields. All submissions are due no later than 1 January 2023 for consideration.

Email for submissions.