ARI Talks: Soeren Urbansky, “Beyond the Steppe Frontier: A History of the Sino-Russian Border”, 26 May 2022

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ANN: “Beyond the Steppe Frontier: A History of the Sino-Russian Border
ARI Talk by Dr. Soeren Urbansky (German Historical Institute Washington, DC / Berkeley).
The talk will take place through Zoom at the Asia Research Institute (ARI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS). For registration please see the following details:
26 May 2022
10:30am - 11:30am (SGT) = 11:30am - 12:30pm (UTC) = 27 Apr 10.30pm - 11.30 pm (EDT) = 27 Apr 7.30pm - 8.30pm (PDT)
Online via Zoom
The Sino-Russian border, once the world’s longest land border, was special in many ways. It not only divided the two largest Eurasian empires, it was also the place where European and Asian civilizations met, where nomads and sedentary people mingled, where the imperial interests of Russia and later the Soviet Union clashed with those of Qing and Republican China and Japan, and where the world’s two largest Communist regimes hailed their friendship and staged their enmity. In this talk, I will discuss my recent book, Beyond the Steppe Frontier: A History of the Sino-Russian Border, which examines the demarcation’s remarkable transformation—from a vaguely marked frontier in the seventeenth century to its twentieth-century incarnation as a tightly patrolled barrier girded by watchtowers, barbed wire, and border guards.