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Robert Cassanello (he/him/his) Discussion

Dear H-Net Readers and Subscribers:

I am Robert Cassanello, Vice President of Research and Publications at H-Net, and I wanted to ask you if you have not already done so to consider donating to H-Net during this campaign drive. I first heard about H-Net back in 1994 during a graduate seminar and immediately joined a couple of burgeoning networks. Throughout this 20+ year relationship with H-Net, I have been fortunate enough to have gained a tremendous amount of professional contacts, development, as well as academic dialog that was unimaginable while I was an undergraduate student in history.

As VP of Research and Publications, I oversee H-Net Reviews, which brings you new scholarly reviews online nearly every day of the week. This fall, H-Net Associate Director Yelena Kalinsky and I launched the brand new H-Podcast network, as well as The Art of the Review podcast, where we discuss issues related to reviewing construed both narrowly and broadly. And finally, the H-Net Book Channel, the new book discovery service, went live this fall and now prepares to publish essays about recent publication trends in academic literature. More so than at any other time, the H-Net Commons offers a valuable opportunity to fulfill H-Net’s founding dream, to share research and publications online through a nonprofit service run and managed by scholars for scholars.  I look forward to seeing how our editors and contributors take advantage of this platform in the years to come.

Like myself, I am sure many of you appreciate the ways in which H-Net links scholars not only across the world but across disciplines in ways more democratized than traditional professional organizations that sponsor conferences and publish hard copy journals. Similar to those professional journals H-Net asks your support to help keep H-Net running at top form year in and year out.

Please help us keep H-Net free, moderated, and accessible with a tax-deductible gift to H-Net.  Click here to make a tax-exempt gift online through a VeriSign-secure site, by postal mail, or by telephone during our business hours, 10-5 weekdays, Eastern time.

Thank you for your support and encouragement to H-Net!




Dr. Robert Cassanello
Vice President, Research & Publications
H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online
Associate Professor of History, University of Central Florida