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Hello fellow members of the H-Net community.

I'm Daniel Fandino, an elected member of the H-Net Council and an editor for H-PCAACA, H-Digital-History, and the World War I Crossroads network.

H-Net has changed a lot over the last two years, but the new H-Net Commons interface allows us to do so much more than we ever could before. Over at H-PCAACA, we've particularly enjoyed exploring the new blogging platform as a way to publish new thoughts and critiques of popular culture. We've also created the digital archive, American Childhood in 25 Artifacts, a collection that was assembled by the Children and Childhood Studies Area of the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (MAPACA) 25th annual conference. Even so, we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with the H-Net Commons.

At the World War I Crossroads network, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with editors from other networks to create a network dedicated to the study of WWI and the centennial celebration of the conflict. We've been able to harvest material related to World War I from all over the Commons, making this truly a cross-network, even cross-disciplinary archive of information. Together with hundreds of other volunteer editors, we are building a truly remarkable collection of digital scholarship that is freely available to the world.

On a personal note, I spent several years away from the United States and my home university. H-Net provided a sense of community during that time and introduced me to many wonderful people who I am privileged to call my colleagues. As important as the treasure trove of projects and information we are building is the opportunity to connect with the people involved at every level of H-Net. It is a very exciting time to belong to H-Net. 

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Thank you for supporting H-Net.

Daniel Fandino

Editor, Council Member

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