CFP: Melbourne Historical Journal (14 July 2015)

Henry Reese Discussion

Melbourne Historical Journal Vol. 43 — 'Territories & Transitions'

Contributions are invited from postgraduate students in history for publication in volume 43, 2015 of the Melbourne Historical Journal (MHJ). 

Published since 1961, the MHJ is a refereed journal for the publication of postgraduate research in all aspects of history. It is open to new approaches and aims to present original postgraduate work to a wide readership.

Please click here to submit to the MHJ and to read more about the Journal.

The Submission deadline has been extended to 14 July 2015.


The theme for Volume 43 of Melbourne Historical Journal is 'Territories & Transitions'

Our understanding of the past is as much a matter of place as it is of time. Questions of ‘where’ are inseparable from ‘when'; we have built cities on particular rivers, fought battles on specific fields, and performed rituals in culturally significant sites. Yet, even as we anchor ourselves in place, the points of reference we use to define these territories are in constant flux. Names change, empires fall, communities grow, and even the ground shifts beneath our feet. It is in these transitions that spaces, identities, and histories converge.

MHJ is seeking papers that explore the many facets of this theme for its 2015 issue, ‘Territories & Transitions’. These may address, but should not be limited to, questions of:

— The politics of public and private space;

— Questions of scale in History: micro/macro;

— Feeling territories: emotion, sensation and the body;

— National, transnational and global movements;

— Sources and approaches for historical questions;

— Environments and earthly terrains.

Papers should be 5000-7000 words in length, including footnotes and references.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the MHJ collective for more information.