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Dear H-ANZAU members,

We are pleased to announce these new and recent publications of potential interest to members:

Jason Hannan, ed., Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture Industry and the Rhetoric of Denial (Sydney University Press, 2020)

Cameron Muir, Kirsten Wehner, Jenny Newell, eds., Living with the Anthropocene: Love, Loss and Hope in the Face of Environmental Crisis (NewSouth Publishing, 2020)

Bill and Jenny Bunbury, Many Maps: Charting Two Cultures: First Nations Australians and European Settlers in Western Australia (UWA Publishing, 2020)

Sue Boyd, Not Always Diplomatic: An Australian Woman’s Journey Through International Affairs (UWA Publishing, 2020)

Adele Chynoweth, Goodna Girls: A History of Children in a Queensland Mental Asylum (ANU Press, 2020)

Laura Rademaker and Tim Rowse, eds., Indigenous Self-Determination in Australia Histories and Historiography (ANU Press, 2020)

Dominic O’Sullivan, 'We Are All Here to Stay': Citizenship, Sovereignty and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (ANU Press, 2020)

Emma Dawson and Janet McCalman, What Happens Next? Reconstructing Australia after COVID-19 (Melbourne University Publishing, 2020)


NOTE: If you have recently published or have a forthcoming publication and would like it to be featured on H-ANZAU, please email with basic information: author’s name, title, journal or publisher, year of publication, and a link to access it.  You can also send along information about outstanding recent work that you have read and consider to be of interest to other members of the network.  Thank you for your help.

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