Emergency Fund for Precarious Historians (Australia)

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This is a mutual aid scheme to assist precarious historians who have been affected by COVID19 – through having work or contracts cancelled, through getting sick or caring for someone who is, through quarantine, shutdowns or border closures, and so on. All funds have been donated by securely employed historians. The funds will be distributed by a committee of historians who are themselves members of the precariat: Amy Thomas (UTS), Dr Andre Brett (UOW), Dr Effie Karageorgos (Newcastle) and Naomi Parry (WSU/MBPHA). This initiative has been supported by Dr Hannah Forsyth (ACU) and Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell (UQ).

Applicants can ask for grants of up to $1000.

This fund is an emergency measure and not a replacement for agitation for universities and institutions to maintain casual jobs, provide sick leave, safe workplaces and permanency for casual staff.

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Effie Karageorgos (University of Newcastle)