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Dear H-ANZAU members,

We are pleased to announce these new and recent publications of potential interest to members:

Malcolm Turnbull, A Bigger Picture (Hardie Grant Publishing, 2020)

Sean Scalmer, Democratic Adventurer: Graham Berry and the Making of Australian Politics (Monash University Publishing, 2020)

Terry Irving, The Fatal Lure of Politics: The Life and Thought of Vere Gordon Childe (Monash University Publishing, 2020)

Clem Gorman and Therese Gorman, Intrépide: Australian Women Artists in Early Twentieth-Century France (Monash University Publishing, 2020)

Heather Goodall, Helen Randerson, and Devleena Ghosh, Teacher for Justice: Lucy Woodcock's Transnational Life (ANU Press, 2019)

John Blaxland, Michael Kelly, and Liam Brewin Higgins, eds., In from the Cold Reflections on Australia's Korean War (ANU Press, 2020)

Travis J. Hardy, The White Men's Countries: Racial Identity in the United States-Australian Relationship, 1933-1953 (Peter Lang Publishing, 2020)

Sarah M. A. Reed, Translating Cultural Identity: French Translations of Australian Crime Fiction (Peter Lang Publishing, 2019)

Elizabeth Ellison and Donne Lee Brien, eds., Writing the Australian Beach: Local Site, Global Idea (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)

Aaron Patrick, The Surprise Party: How the Coalition Went from Chaos to Comeback (Black Inc., 2019)

Stephen Jackson, Religious Education and the Anglo-World: The Impact of Empire, Britishness, and Decolonisation in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (Brill, 2020)


NOTE: If you have recently published or have a forthcoming publication and would like it to be featured on H-ANZAU, please email with basic information: author’s name, title, journal or publisher, year of publication, and a link to access it.  You can also send along information about outstanding recent work that you have read and consider to be of interest to other members of the network.  Thank you for your help.

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