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Dear H-ANZAU members,

We are pleased to announce these new and recent publications of potential interest to members:

Diane Comer, The Braided River: Migration and the Personal Essay (Otago University Press, 2019)

Elizabeth Malcolm and Dianne Hall, A New History of the Irish in Australia (Cork University Press, 2019)

Anne Pender, Seven Big Australians: Adventures with Comic Actors (Monash University Publishing)

Steve Mickler, Andrew Bolt, the Far Right and the First Nations (UWA Publishing, 2019)

Alison Atkinson-Phillips, Survivor Memorials: Remembering Trauma and Loss in Contemporary Australia (UWA Publishing, 2019)  

David Walker, Stranded Nation: White Australia in an Asian Region (UWA Publishing, 2019) 

Maxine Beneba Clarke , Magan Magan , Ahmed Yussuf, eds., Growing Up African in Australia (Black Inc. Books, 2019)

Michael Duffy and Nick Hordern, World War Noir: Sydney's Unpatriotic War (NewSouth Publishing, 2019)

Mark Dapin, Australia's Vietnam: Myth vs History (NewSouth Publishing, 2019)

Andrew Kelly, ANZUS and the Early Cold War: Strategy and Diplomacy Between Australia, New Zealand and the United States, 1945-1956 (OpenBook Publishers, 2018)

Martyn Brown, Politics of Forgetting: New Zealand, Greece and Britain at War (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2019)


NOTE: If you have recently published or have a forthcoming publication and would like it to be featured on H-ANZAU, please email with basic information: author’s name, title, journal or publisher, year of publication, and a link to access it.  You can also send along information about outstanding recent work that you have read and consider to be of interest to other members of the network.  Thank you for your help.

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