ANN: Invitation to become a member of the Memory Studies Association

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Dear H-ANZAU subscribers,

having followed this listserv for a little while now, I believe that some of you might be interested in becoming a member of the Memory Studies Association and connecting with the interdisciplinary field of memory studies more generally.

As one of its current co-chairs, I would be happy to answer any questions. Please check out the website for more information:

Best wishes,

Jenny Wüstenberg, York University Toronto (


**Become a Member of the MSA!**

Why should you become a paying member of the Memory Studies Association? There are several tangible benefits to membership already available as well as in the works.

These include:

-discounted registration fees for the annual meeting (this year in Copenhagen, Dec.14-16, 2017)
-access to members-only materials, including job listings, discussion forums, career advice, teaching resources, reading recommendations and more!
-potential future discounted subscription to Memory Studies (under review).

But, as enticing as these tangible benefits are, the real reason to become a paying member of the Association is that you want it to exist. Like any professional association, the MSA will depend on the support and devotion of its members.