Recent publications

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Dear H-ANZAU members,

We are pleased to announce these new and recent publications of potential interest to members:

Jonathan West, The Face of Nature: An Environmental History of the Otago Peninsula (Otago University Press, 2017)

Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder, The Fountain of Public Prosperity: Evangelical Christians in Australian History, 1740–1914 (Monash University Publishing, 2018)

Ken Inglis, Seumas Spark and Jay Winter with Carol Bunyan, Dunera Lives: A Visual History (Monash University Publishing, 2018)

Thomas James Rogers, The Civilisation of Port Phillip: Settler Ideology, Violence, and Rhetorical Possession (Melbourne University Publishing, 2018)

Joy McCann, Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean (NewSouth Books, 2018)

Stephen Gapps, The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the Early Colony, 1788-1817 (NewSouth Books, 2018)

Joan Beaumont and Allison Cadzow, eds., Serving our Country: Indigenous Australians, War, Defence and Citizenship (NewSouth Books, 2018)

Jane Lydon and Lyndall Ryan, eds., Remembering the Myall Creek Massacre (NewSouth Books, 2018)

Jeremy C. Martens, Empire and Asian Migration: Sovereignty, Immigration Restriction and Protest in the British Settler Colonies, 1888–1907 (UWA Publishing, 2018)

David Ritter, The Coal Truth: The Fight to Stop Adani, Defeat the Big Polluters and Reclaim our Democracy (UWA Publishing, 2018)

Sarah E. Holcombe, Remote Freedoms: Politics, Personhood, and Human Rights in Aboriginal Central Australia (Stanford University Press, 2018) 


NOTE: If you have recently published or have a forthcoming publication and would like it to be featured on H-ANZAU, please email with basic information: author’s name, title, journal or publisher, year of publication, and a link to access it.  You can also send along information about outstanding recent work that you have read and consider to be of interest to other members of the network.  Thank you for your help.