CFP: The First Eric Richards Symposium in British and Australasian History, Tuesday 31 January – Friday 3 February 2017

Dr Andrekos Discussion
Call for Papers
July 25, 2016
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Australian and New Zealand History / Studies, British History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies


Emeritus Professor Eric Richards was a Professor of History at Flinders University for over 35 years, specialising in British and Australian social history, and specifically on Scottish history and British and Australian immigration history. The ‘Eric Richards Symposium in British and Australasian History’ aims to honour Professor Richards, who remains active as an Emeritus Professor at Flinders University, and to create a regular conference for scholars in Australasia working on British and Australasian history broadly defined (i.e. British history includes imperial/colonial history) for the ‘British and Australasian History Network’.

The School of History and International Relations, Flinders University, and the other sponsors of this meeting, invite abstracts for the first ‘Eric Richards Symposium in British and Australasian History’, to be held in Adelaide from Tuesday 31 January – Friday 3 February 2017.


The theme of the symposium is ‘Movement and Movements’. This theme has been deliberately chosen to reflect the research interests of Professor Richards as well as to include as many scholars working in British and Australasian history as possible. We are looking for papers that focus on the following areas:
 Migration experiences and policies
 Race Relations
 Cultural reflection, formation, creation and deception.
 Indigenous and diaspora responses and experiences
 Constructions of the English and / or British Empire
 Constructions of the Australians, New Zealanders and other groups in Australasia
 Nationalism versus trans-nationalism
 Inter-cultural and / or multi-cultural responses, relations and experiences
 Cultural erasure and historiography
 Mimicry, mediation and masculinity
 Religion, secularism, philanthropy and missionaries
 Health and Medicine
 Science and environment/ecology
 Policing, border control, law and order
 Archaeology, museums and collecting
 Ideological binaries from the metropole to the periphery
 Imperial pacifism and conscientious objectors
 Colonial women and women in the empire
 ‘High’ versus ‘low’ cultural responses
 Art History
 Film, Music, Photography and Literature and the British-Australasian Connection
 Artists and the perspectives of artists
 Broadcasting and popular entertainment
 Imperial/colonial loyalties and disloyalties


Professor Alison Bashford, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Joy Damousi, University of Melbourne,
Professor Katie Pickles, University of Canterbury, NZ
Professor Andrew Thompson, University of Exeter, UK


A registration fee will apply, but this has been kept to a minimum.
4-day Full Registration: $300; 1-day Full Registration: $120
4-day Student Registration: $150; 1-day Student Registration: $70
The deadline for paying registration fees is 5 December 2016.
A dinner will be arranged, with participants (except keynotes) having to pay.


We envisage several publications to arise out of the symposium. The organisers will be looking at publishing at least one edited volume and one special issue journal. Participants will be approached soon after the conference. Also we encourage participants to take the initiative (so long as the symposium and organisers are acknowledged) to publish collected works.


A 200-word abstract and a short biography of about 100 words (all in one word file) should be sent to Dr Andrekos Varnava ( by 25 July 2016.

Organising Committee
Dr Andrekos Varnava, Flinders University
Professor Philip Payton, Flinders University
Ella Stewart-Peters, PhD Candidate, Flinders University
Tony Nugent, PhD Candidate, Flinders University

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A 200-word abstract and a short biography of about 100 words (all in one word file) should be sent to Dr Andrekos Varnava ( by 25 July 2016.