Global Encounters Monash (GEM) invites proposals for Palgrave Macmillan book series

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Call for Publications
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Humanities, Indigenous Studies, Maritime History / Studies, World History / Studies

Global Encounters Monash (GEM)

The Global Encounters Monash project explores relationships between First Nations peoples and those who come from across the seas. While our prime focus is on Australian First Nations and their history of encountering and interacting with people, technologies, plants, animals, and ideas from across the seas, we are interested in comparative stories of oceanic encounters and interactions. The Global Encounters team are looking beyond Australia’s coasts as we explore the nature of encounters around the world, from the perspectives of both insiders looking out and outsiders looking in. We are imaginatively examining encounters onboard the visiting ships, as well as those that took place on the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples. This project takes an expansive view of archives and sources as we explore texts, oral histories and stories, rock art and material culture, plant and vegetation histories, introduced animals, and language and linguistic evidence.

Book Series: Encounters

Global Encounters Monash (GEM) has partnered with Palgrave Macmillan to edit an exciting range of publications on the theme of Encounters. We invite proposals for our 2023 program around the following theme:

Human beings are explorers. They want to know what lies over the horizon and are driven to discover, map, interact with, and exploit the world as it is encountered. This series explores the global histories of encounter, focused primarily on the southern hemisphere in the regions of South and East Asia, Southern and East Africa, the Pacific, and Australia. Voyages and histories of the Indian, Southern and Pacific Oceans will be central as well as the Coral and Arafura Seas. Using a broad definition of encounter, the editors welcome books that consider all forms of early encounter, first contact, exploration, and Indigenous-newcomer engagement. Cross-cultural approaches and Indigenous perspectives are especially of interest. These books will investigate the range of encounters, the role of trade and commerce, geopolitics and imperial ambitions, visual, artistic, and material culture evidence of encounter, life on board ships, and the impact of contact.

The GEM series editors welcome proposals for monographs, edited collections, and Palgrave Pivots (shorter works, 25-50,000 words). Indigenous writers and authors from diverse cultures are especially encouraged to consider this series for their work, as are emerging scholars.

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