Q re histories of childhood in Australia re Harry Bridges

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I'm vaguely remembering that there is a series of books on the Australian childhood of prominent individuals.  Does that ring a bell with anyone?

The reason I ask is that I'm the author of a biography of Harry Bridges, who grew up in Melbourne then came to the US and emerged as a significant union leader.  My original draft was much too long to suit my editors, and they encouraged me to combine the first three chapters into one.  So chapter one now goes from birth in 1901 to arrival on the San Francisco docks in 1922.  About 20,000 words ended up on the cutting room floor.  I have told my editor that I may try to find a publisher in Australia for those chapters, including the material that is in the final book, and she seemed OK with that.

Any thoughts or sugggestions would be much appreciated.

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Thanks very much.

Bob Cherny

The book is:  Harry Bridges: Labor Radical, Labor Legend (University of Illinois Press, 2023).  It's now available, and right now you can get it for 50% off if you go to the UIP website and use the promo code HOLIDAY2022.