CFP: Australian Women's History Network Conference

Vera Mackie Discussion


Intersections in History
Australian Women’s History Network Conference

Melbourne, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

March 31-April 1 2016​
This conference will explore past and present ‘intersections’ in women’s, feminist and gender history, broadly conceived. Its title gestures towards the theoretical framework of ‘intersectionality’, more usually seen in sociology and gender/cultural studies where it has recently emerged as a key paradigm. This framework insists that multiple categories of analysis (gender, race, class, sexuality among others) must be deployed together to understand social processes and experiences. It has also emerged as an important rallying point for activism. This conference proceeds in part from the understanding that women’s history, and women's activism, has actually paid attention to multiple categories of analysis for quite some time – even if these contributions are not well recognised.

We invite papers that explore ‘intersections’ in women’s, feminist and gender history from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to the framework of ‘intersectionality’.
Themes might include:

-Gender, Race and Colonialism

-New Approaches to Working-class History

-Historiographical and theoretical papers

-Cross-cultural encounters

-Migration and Nationalism

-Activism past and present

**Papers need not be on Australian History.

 The conference will also mark a series of significant milestones for the Australian Women’s’ History Network, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017, and Lilith, which turned 30 in 2014. Plenary speakers will include Ann Curthoys, Samia Khatun, Vera Mackie, Crystal McKinnon, Joan Nestle, Lynette Russell, Zora Simic and Patricia Grimshaw who was instrumental in founding the Network.

 Individual papers and panel proposals (including a 200 word abstract and brief CV for each speaker) due by 29 January 2016  to:

 Conference convenors: Jane Carey, Jordy Silverstein and Mary Tomsic.
All speakers must be members of the Australian Women’s History Network.
Further information will be placed on the Network website: