Reminder: CfP EASA Belfast Panel P153 - Thinking with the Atmospheric (EnviroAnt Network panel)

Alexandra Cotofana Discussion
Dear all,
Just a reminder to apply to the below panel before March 21.
As EASA opened their CfP, we would like to invite all those interested to submit a paper proposal to the EnviroAnt Network Panel, P153: Thinking with the Atmospheric.
To submit an abstract, please open the hyperlink above, use the red search bar to find P153, click on the panel name, and then click on the 'Propose' blue button on the top-right of the panel name. The call for papers ends March 21, 2022.
Below the description of the panel for anyone interested:
The panel aims to bring together different modes of inquiry used in the study of the atmospheric and will survey approaches to thinking with the atmospheric, both materially and theoretically. Contributions will address a range of topics, including the politics of caring for the atmospheric, the ecological and symbiotic interactions between humans and the materialities of the sky, and the productive tensions in the governance and technologies of the aerosphere. In trying to create transdisciplinary tandems, the panel centers a few questions: how can working with the atmospheric help make sense of the concept of the political? What materialities do scholars and practitioners perceive when analyzing the atmosphere? What sorts of place-based knowledge do specific gazes offer, and what epistemic gaps do they fill? What are the politics of atmospheric mapping and how are they negotiated? What role do machines play in atmospheric knowledge-making? What other planetary materialities must we keep in mind to better understand the atmospheric?
Many thanks,

Alexandra Coțofană, PhD

Assistant Professor

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Zayed University