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Call for Papers
April 30, 2021
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Environmental History / Studies, European History / Studies

My name is Dan DiLeo and I am a Catholic theologian, associate professor, and director of the Justice and Peace Studies Program at Creighton University in Omaha, NE, USA. I write on the recommendation of the American Society for Environmental History in search of a co-author to complete the essay “Care for our Common Home: The Papacy and the Environment” for The Cambridge History of the Papacy, Volume 4: Society and Culture. The series description reads:

The Cambridge History of the Papacy will offer a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary history of the papacy, from its early origins to the present day. It will integrate diverse papal-related topics across four-volumes, thereby locating the papacy historically within the political, social, economic, and cultural realities of both European and World History. To ensure breadth of coverage, essays across the four volumes will cover topics as diverse as the Petrine tradition and canon law to papal pronouncements and teachings on celibacy, marriage and family, gender and sexuality to science, medicine and technology to papal art and architecture. 

Across the four thematic volumes, the CHP will provide a historical survey of the structural development of the papacy as an institution, as well as its role, generally, in the Catholic Church and in society at large. Each volume will consist of commissioned original essays written by those whose expertise will shed light on the papacy's distinctive aspects.

The 8,000 word essays are meant to be substantive, critical surveys rather than the more cursory entries associated with encyclopedias and historical dictionaries. The essays should include a review of the main sources and the historiography of their topics. Authors are also encouraged to discuss future paths of research.

I have completed a first draft that outlines papal environmental teachings from 1891-present. However, the series editors responded that my draft must analyze the papal content in regards to the historiography of "the environment" and "environmentalism," especially in the European contexts and into the eighteenth century.

As I have spent more time with environmental history resources, I have come to realize that I am, candidly, in over my head: I am a theologian who specializes in Catholic environmental theology, but am trying to learn a new field so quickly that I doubt the revised essay version would meet the standards of historians by whom and form whom this Cambridge series is being developed.

Based on this, I contacted the American Society for Environmental History for recommendations about whom I might approach to co-author the revised essay. ASEH recommended I post here in the hopes that someone with the requisite expertise would contact me. If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to learn more, please email me directly at full transparency, the co-authorship will need to happen fairly quickly—the editors would like a revised draft this summer, although I am sure they would extend the timeline to accommodate an especially qualified expert.

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Daniel R. DiLeo, PhD

Associate Professor and Director

Justice and Peace Studies Program

780450 California Plaza

Omaha, NE 68178-0450