ESEH 'Critical Environmental History: Power, Resistance, Justice' seminar series

Andy Flack's picture


We welcome you to join us for this new seminar series from the Euriopean Society for Environmental History. The series seeks to address pressing issues of power, resistance and justice as they pertain tro your discipline. 

The first seminar in the series will address intersections of environmental history and disability studies/activism Featuring scholars presently working at that intersection, Dr Sara J. Grossman, Professor David M. Turner, and Dr Andy Flack, the seminar will engage with cutting edge research that addresses disability in the wider context of environmental history, before turning to a more activist conversation about the place and status of disability as a protected but vastly under-represented characteristic within our discipline and scholarly community. The speakers will discuss their own present research projects - from industrialisation to more-than-human ability/disability - as well as questions ranging from experiences of discrimination and exclusion to strategies for full inclusion of people with diverse abilities across the coming months and years. We hope that colleagues from across our discipline will take part in what is an urgent conversation.

The seminar will take place via Zoom at 8pm BST, on 11 Match, and we ask that participants register here, after which the Zoom information will be made visible.