CfP: the Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Network of the Social Science History Association (2021)

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Dr. Josh MacFadyen and Dr. Susan Leonard, the co-representatives for the Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Network of the Social Science History Association, are inviting panel and individual paper proposals for the SSHA annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA, November 11-14, 2021The theme this year is "Crisis, Conjunctures, Turning Points: Theory and Method in Turbulent Times," and the full call for papers is available here. The deadline for submissions is now March 16th. 

There is much uncertainty about what this Fall will bring, and it is still unclear what form the conference will take in these uncertain COVID-19 times. Please don't let that deter you from submitting an abstract and planning to present your work at the SSHA. We now know that at least part of the conference will be available for virtual presenters and other participants. 

The conference website states: "At this point in time (and recognizing that circumstances may change over time), we believe that a full in-person conference is unlikely, but that it may be possible to hold a hybrid conference supporting both in-person participation and virtual participation in the same event." Please visit the meeting website for the full details (, and be sure to periodically check for updates.

The RAE Network is not proposing specific panels this year. We are leaving it up to the membership to design and submit panels on their own, or if you submit an individual paper we will do our best to add it to a panel or recommend it to other networks. Be sure to indicate that you would like your paper considered for the Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental network when you submit it.

Happily, the SSHA's new conference program website is making all of these submission and panel creation processes much easier. For example, if you submitted a paper for last year's conference, your submission has been preloaded, so you can edit as necessary and resubmit. We hope that those of you who organized panels will be able to collaborate and coordinate similar groupings again this year.

Please don't hesitate to contact your RAE Network Representatives (below) with any questions, for assistance creating a panel, or for help with submissions.

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Josh MacFadyen, University of Prince Edward Island ( and

Susan Leonard, ICPSR University of Michigan (