Advice on Shorter Textbooks on US Environmental History

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I teach a 2nd year survey course on combined US-Canadian environmental history and need a short text on US environmental history to assign in league with Forkey, Canadian's and the Natural Environment and, just recently added, Dina Gilio-Whitaker's As Long as the Grass Grows.

To this point I have been using Steinberg's Down to Earth but really cannot any longer since it makes the reading load for the course too heavy if it is assigned along with those other two books plus various articles I have the students read. 

I would assign Sara Dant's enviro history of the US West -- but then I have no account on the US northeast or the south. Still, I need something about that size...  It's a puzzle -- does anyone have any advice?  Thanks,

Susan Nance
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I teach an environmental planning course into which I smuggle as much history as I can. Here is a one volume text that I have used and like, although it is now a bit dated: Wellock, Thomas Raymond, 2007, Preserving the Nation: The Conservation and Environmental Movements, 1870-2000. I used it in conjunction with McNeill and Engelke's The Great Acceleration, although that is world not US history.

Laura Pangallozzi
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