Help with a course on Darwin

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Hello All,

I am teaching a course called "Darwin's Legacy" which I am teaching exclusively online for the first time. Because I had used several films in the prior iteration of the course, and because of both the epidemic and the racial justice movment, I find myself almost completely redesigning the course this summer. Previously I had focused on Darwin, scientific racism, eugenics, and transhumanism. While these all concern both environmental and social justice issues, I would like to shift to a more contemporary focus, so I am reaching out to this group for suggestions that will allow me to incorporate these two contemporary issues. Any readings or course unit suggestions would be much appreciated!


Hi Justin -

I recently published a book on Darwinism in the Galapagos that deals with social justice and conservation: On the Backs of Tortoises: Darwin, the Galapagos, and the Fate of an Evolutionary Eden (Yale UP 2019).

Elizabeth Hennessy

Hi Justin,

I recommend taking a look at the work of Alexandra Minna Stern, who studies reproductive justice and the eugenics-based sterilization policies in the United States. For a contemporary angle, Stern has made a case for reparations to those still living, especially for Latina women in California.

Will Wright