Hagley Library/Grants and Fellowships/Recipients/May, 2020

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The Center for the History of Business, Technology and Society, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware is pleased to announce the recipients of grants and fellowships awarded in May, 2020. The Hagley Library is planning to re-open for research on August 1, 2020 for supported scholars only. This opening date may change depending on developments with the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Please note that the next deadline for applications for exploratory and Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship is June 30, 2020.  More information on these and other Center fellowships at https://www.hagley.org/research/grants-fellowships.  Thanks!


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Exploratory Grants


Patricia Curtin


University of Oregon

Working Relationships:  A Labor-Centric History of the US Public Relations Profession


Michael Golec

Associate Professor

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Icons of Expertise:  A History of Technical Images and Thoughtful Consumption



Jack Grobe

Ph.D. Candidate

SUNY Albany

The American Campaign to Acquire German Military Technology, 1917-1929


Scott Kushner

Assistant Professor

University of Rhode Island

Crowd Control:  Organizing Audiences around Spectacle in the Industrial Era


Joseph Larnerd

Assistant Professor

Drexel University

Undercut:  Cut Glass in Working-Class Life During the Gilded Age


Mark Markov

Ph.D. Candidate

Durham University

Wars Not Fought:Neutrality and European Navies in American Waters during the US Civil War


Clive Muir

Independent Scholar

Exploring the Technology of Watermelon Postcards


Hannah Pivo

Ph.D. Candidate

Columbia University

Seeing the "Social":  Data Visualization and Information Graphics in US Business, Industry, and Social Sciences


Maia Silber

Ph.D. Candidate

Princeton University

Work of Any Kind:  Casual and Informal Labor during the Second Industrial Revolution


Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship


Yassin Abou El Fadil

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Goettingen

Inheritance Practices in Family Businesses--Germany and the United States in the 20th Century

6 weeks


Alexandra Hyard

Associate Professor

Universite Lille

Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, Writings on the United States of America

2 weeks


Trish Kahle


University of Chicago

The Graveyard Shift:  Energy Citizenship in the American Century

4 weeks



Stefan Rabitsch

Assistant Professor

University of Graz

A Cultural History of Western Hats

2 weeks


Brian Sarginger

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Maryland

The Shareholder Movement:  Shareholder Activists in the 20th Century

2 weeks


Benjamin Schneider

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Oxford

Technological Change and Work

2 weeks


Lloyd Tomlinson

Ph.D. Candidate

West Virginia University

Stonega Coke & Coal Company Towns Since the New Deal

3 weeks


Emily Wells

Ph.D. Candidate

College of William and Mary

"Keep Within Compass": The Geographical Perspectives of American Girls, 1742-1836

2 weeks




Hagley Exploratory Research Grants


These grants support one-week visits by scholars who believe that their project will benefit from Hagley research collections but need the opportunity to explore them on-site to determine if a Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship application is warranted.  Priority will be given to junior scholars with innovative projects that seek to expand on existing scholarship.  Applicants should reside more than 50 miles from Hagley, and the stipend is $400.  Application deadlines:  March 31, June 30, and October 31.




Henry Belin du Pont Fellowships


These research grants enable scholars to pursue advanced research and study in the collections of the Hagley Library.  They are awarded for the length of time needed to make use of Hagley collections for a specific project.  The stipends are for a maximum of eight weeks and are pro-rated at $400/week for recipients who reside further than 50 miles from Hagley, and $200/week for those within 50 miles.  Application deadlines:  March 31, June 30, and October 31.