Special Dossier: Inland Ports in the Anglo-Iberian Atlantic: New Approaches from Economic, Environmental, Political, and Social History.

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Call for papers

Special Dossier in Journal Illes i Imperis

Inland Ports in the Anglo-Iberian Atlantic: New Approaches from Economic, Environmental, Political, and Social History.

Guest Editors

James Vladimir Torres (Georgetown University)                                                       

Leonardo Moreno-Álvarez (University of Pittsburgh)             

Inland waterways had an expansive role in the economic performance of preindustrial and early industrial societies. The lower freight rates and lower biomass consumption characteristic of riverine trade allowed merchants to export bulky, low value-to-weight commodities to distant nodes and to successfully compete in global, competitive markets. Economies endowed with an extensive network of inland waterways were, therefore, better positioned to benefit from regional specialization and Smithian growth. Well-known but little-researched, inland ports in the Americas funneled regional trade flows, developing a wide array of economic activities that ranged from storage and transportation to financial services and added-value industries. Furthermore, several of these entrepôts became population hubs and important political centers. The dossier seeks to combine different approaches in order to understand the role of inland ports in the history of the preindustrial and early industrial societies of the Anglo-Iberian Atlantic. By emphasizing the heterogenous functions of these hubs, the dossier will enrich the discussions about the synergy between local and global trends. While the dossier will focus on main river arteries like the Mississippi, Magdalena, Paraná and São Francisco rivers, papers on waterways that have traditionally received less historiographical attention, such as the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, are particularly welcome.

Thematic areas:

River Transportation: Actors, Market Structures, Environmental Transformations, Logistics, and Infrastructures.

Inland Ports and Interregional Trade: Regional Specialization, and Trade Networks. 

Inland Ports as Political Centers: Power, Fiscal Linkages, and Political Economy.

River Societies: Communication, Social Interactions, and Riverine Cultures.

Call for papers deadline: June 30, 2020. The dossier will be published in 2021. The papers should be submitted to the guest editors at jvt7@georgetown.edu and lgm17@pitt.edu

Guidelines: https://www.raco.cat/index.php/IllesImperis/about/submissions#authorGuidelines

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