Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Vol. 116 Nos. 3&4 Agriculture & Rural Life Special Issue Available on Project Muse

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The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Summer/Autumn 2018 issue is now available on Project Muse:


VOL. 116, NOS. 3&4 | Summer/Autumn 2018                                                                                                                                              


By Sara Egge & David E. Hamilton


“'Completely Sold on Birth Control': Rural Outreach in Kentucky, 1933-1942"

By Courtney Kisat

"'To keep all their topsoil from washing away': Writer Jesse Stuart and the Maintenance of the Twentieth-Century Rural Landscape of Kentucky"

By Dale Potts

"Recreating Boone's Wilderness at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park"

By Angela Sirna

"Underground Wilderness? Mammoth Cave National Park, the Wilderness Act of 1964, and the Limits of Preservation"

By Alyssa Warrick

"Sowing the Seeds and Reclaiming the Commons: Possibilities and Pathways for the Future of Appalachian Agricultural History"

By Cody Miller

"Stinking Creek Stories: Memory, Agriculture, and Community in Rural Southeastern Kentucky"

By Kathryn Engle